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In 18ct Yellow Gold



Symbols of empowerment and freedom, Wings lifts you up and gives you the potential to soar. With Wings, you are unstoppable. Introducing a new Garrard icon.

Colourful and worldly jewels that emanate strength, Wings Rising empowers women to rise up, fuelled by the force of their own wings.

Tracing an abstract, winged silhouette with clean lines and angular feathers, Wings Rising takes the Wings collection into exciting new design territory.

A new opus in the HYT saga: Moon Runner Supernova Blue

HYT - Supernova Blue

Moon Runner

Observation of the moon, the Earth’s natural satellite, is one of the pillars of the development of science. The celestial body is a source of incomparable fascination for people, who have tried to understand its movements and effects since the dawn of time.

One of the first known representations of the moon is Orthostat 47, a sculpture on a rock discovered in Knowth, Ireland, which scientists date back to the third century BC. Found by archaeologists on a clay tablet in the ancient city of Ugarit, in the Near East, the oldest written record of an eclipse viewing dates back to 1223 BC. Babylonian astronomers developed understanding of moon cycles in the eighth century BC. From these initial milestones, understanding has only grown, and from the very beginning, watchmaking has contributed to the advancement of this knowledge.

Ultimate symbol of space travel, the journey to the moon has been a permanent wish list fixture since the first man set foot on it in July 1969. Even today, a certain number of realistic plans have been developed to open the doorway to space to a larger number of Earthlings.

Feel the beauty of nature



“We invite you to take a journey with us along the winding coastal roads of the Amalfi coast and discover the hidden azure bays and colorful villages. Watch the sparkle of the waves’ white crests as they break on the shore; fishing boats floating gently, and the glimmer of the rising sun over the ocean.”

Amalfi is a synthesis of these sights, smells, and sounds, reflected in handcrafted precious jewels. Carefully selected sparkling diamonds and glamorous gold embody Amalfi’s inspiration and orchestrate it into timeless women’s jewellery.

Garrard - WIngs Rising

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