Platinum Sands Company offers luxury and superior retail services to Saudi Arabia through a number of exclusive boutiques and takes pride in representing the world’s leading brands. Our collection of fine timepieces, exquisite Jewellery, classical writing instruments and sophisticated accessories cater to the lifestyle needs and tastes of watch-making aficionados, design admirers, fashion leaders, Jewellery collectors and those with a taste for a high end style and status. We are proud to say we manage full operations and sales for a number of flagship boutiques. After sales service is always on our list of priorities whether our clients require a battery change or cleaning service.



As achievers we will be goal and results orientated and passionate about success. We will constantly challenge the status quo by being innovative and creative.​

Values Service

We will ensure that total customer satisfaction is the result of our continuous focus on quality.


We strongly believe that happy and motivated people deliver results. We will create an environment where individuals and teams can flourish. ​


We will always treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.​


We established Platinum Sands after identifying a growing demand from clients for a different, more unique, considered and personalised approach to marketing and communications. Platinum Sands work as a team, are transparent, aim to open doors, and establish long-term partnerships with our clients. We know what it takes to deliver outstanding client service and we appreciate that the smallest details and demonstration of ownership and care make all the difference. The company have worked on a global basis alongside with leading brands from the world’s finest Jewellery and watches names. This impressive track record enables the company to bring unrivalled experience and skills to each new project it undertakes.


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