About Garrard


Crowning, commemorating and celebrating since 1735, Garrard has been synonymous with some of the most iconic and precious jewellery in existence for almost 300 years.

A Heritage to Trust

Founded in London in 1735 by master silversmith George Wicks, Garrard pioneered the modern concept of jewellery. Appointed the first official Crown Jeweller in 1843, we have proudly played our part in British history ever since, capturing imaginations throughout the world with unique, beautifully crafted designs that inspire and empower.

The House


From the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara to Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, Garrard has crafted some of the most famous jewels in history, with each new commission adding a new chapter to our story.

The World of Garrard

Garrard has long been the first choice for those looking to wear the most exquisite jewellery on earth. From Queen Mary’s consort crown to the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, discover how Garrard has represented the very best of British design and craftsmanship for almost 300 years.

By Women, For Women

Understanding the mindset of modern women and how a Garrard jewel can fit seamlessly into their lives is the guiding force behind our all-female design team. Inspired by the passion and purpose of our clients, there is a contemporary relevance to each new jewel that represents more than quality and craftsmanship – it signifies transcendence.

Crafted for a Lifetime

In our London workshop, traditional jewellery-making techniques dating back centuries meet cutting-edge technology and innovation. Each Garrard creation is handmade by master artisans who learned their craft from their elders and who will pass these unique skills on to the next generation, continuing the legacy of fine craftsmanship that has long distinguished Garrard.

Inspired by Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, today worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the modern relevance of our 1735 cluster setting empowers women to express their style through striking coloured stones accented with clusters of diamonds.

“Refined over the years to suit contemporary tastes, we precisely position the clusters of diamonds to amplify the vibrant hue of the coloured stones.”

A Bold Twist on a Classic An inspired interpretation of the 1735 collection, the Blaze collection masterfully inverts the classical Garrard cluster motif. 

A New Chapter for Garrard 

The Blaze campaign stars British actress Olivia Cooke, our brand ambassador. Confident and radiant, she embodies all that Blaze represents. 

The Fanfare collection captures the allure of concealing one’s identity behind a fan and conveying secret messages with each flutter of the hand in modern, stylised jewels that dance with brilliance.

Each graceful fan is drawn in scintillating diamonds, alongside harmonious pairings of coloured gemstones and ornamental hardstones.

“The intricacy of each wing, with each swooping curve accented with precious diamonds and gemstones, is what makes these jewels so special.

Wings Embrace

Using shape and movement to evoke the feeling of being gently held within the wings of an angel, our Wings Embrace jewels bring a serene lightness and vibrancy to this much-loved motif.

A Bold Twist on a Classic An inspired interpretation of the 1735 collection, the Blaze collection masterfully inverts the classical Garrard cluster motif. 

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